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Best in Class Carwash

Best in class carwash- If you’re near our three locations in Florida. We wont suds up the interior, we promise. see our locations here: https://octopuscarwashflorida.com #carwash #ozzy #businessanimation #florida #FloridaCars


UFO Wash

FREE washes for Extraterrestrials! Oh, we are getting this information out to the universe ever since Ozzy’s experience with his very own UFO! He’s on a mission, even talking about going to the US Congress to get them to give up the UFO’s they’ve got stored way so that we can wash them up. What can I say, we are the good car wash company. The best in Florida, in fact. Soon to be the best and most well known car or spacecraft washing tunnel in all the galaxy.

Happy New Year 2024!

Let us all do our part to keep our New Years Resolutions. Keep that Car Clean! We’ll help you!

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