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Learn About Graphene

Graphene is an advanced technology that utilizes a single layer of carbon atoms, arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb-like structure, known as graphene, to create a unique hydrophobic barrier for optimal surface preservation. Hydrophobic is basically a water and dirt-repellent. Our Graphene car wash offers a multitude of benefits, such as exceptional water beading, enhanced glossiness, and long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants, without compromising the underlying paintwork. Moreover, the incorporation of graphene provides remarkable chemical resistance, ensuring optimum longevity of the treated surfaces. As a result, professional automotive detailers and discerning vehicle owners alike increasingly prefer the superior performance of graphene car wash solutions over traditional wax-based alternatives.

Octopus Car Wash Introduces Graphene

Octopus Car Wash Soap is the perfect choice for those with graphene-coated cars. Our graphene car wash soap maintains your graphene coating and it promises an ultimate clean for both coated and non-coated vehicles. This pH-neutral, high-foaming soap provides a deep and reliable clean exclusive to Octopus Car Wash in Florida. Not only will you get your car looking like new, but you’ll also be protecting your graphene coating while you do it! Get back on the road safely and with confidence knowing that Octopus Car Wash Soap has got your graphene vehicle covered!


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