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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s my birthday, how do I celebrate?

You can start your day with a FREE full service car wash at Octopus Car Wash. Please show drivers license for verification.

Will my vehicle fit through the car wash?

The maximum height of any vehicle is 84″. The maximum tire width is 13″. Octopus does not take responsibility for non standard or dealer added options. If you have any questions about your vehicle, please come by and speak to our manager.

Isn’t rain a natural way to clean my car?

No! Rain contains acid that eats away the paint & finish of vehicles. After acid rain falls on a car, the water evaporates but the acid remains. Mixed with sunlight, this acid can harm the vehicle’s paint & finish.

My car has a clear coat finish, do I still need to wax it?

Yes! Clear coat is a clear layer of sealant over the colored layer of paint. While clear coats offer great protection, they cannot stand alone. Wax is an effective way to protect your car’s finish.

I just washed my car and now it’s raining, can I bring it back?

Yes. We will rewash the exterior of your car within 24 hours of your dated receipt for $1.00.

It’s love bug season should I spray my car with non-stick cooking spray?

No! That will fry the bugs on your car. Your best defense is to visit Octopus Car Wash.

Is it necessary to make an appointment to get my car detailed?

No, but if you would like to schedule an appointment for a special time, we will be happy to accommodate you.

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