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Charity Programs and Environmental Information

Environmentally Responsible Car Care

At Octopus Car Wash we are committed to being good stewards of the environment and water conservation. Specialized technology allows us to clean cars thoroughly while filtering and conserving water.

Did you know that when a vehicle is washed on the street or driveway, 50 gallons or more of untreated water, including chemicals, soap and other harmful substances end up in our drainage and waterways?

No one would intentionally throw buckets of dirty, soapy water into a river, lake or stream but that's what's happening when people wash their vehicles at home or roadside car washes.

Let us wash your dirty cars and help protect our natural resources.

Charity Fundraising Program

Throughout the years we have been dedicated to giving back to the community. Florida Octopus Car Washes have been strong supporters of our local schools, churches, non-profits and multiple individuals.

Our goal is to offer an environmentally friendly service to the community, while lending support to local non-profit organizations. That's why we have created a unique opportunity for your non-profit organization's next fundraiser.


Your non-profit organization sells the Custom Wash Package - valued at $24.99 - for $20.00 and retains $10.00 for your organization. If your organization has 20 members and they each sell 5 Custom Wash Packages, your organization will raise $1000.00.

You won't have to worry about finding a location to hold your fundraiser, chemicals, towels, rain or runoff. We do the work while you raise funds for your organization.

If your non-profit organization is interested in this program, contact us through this web site or call 813-754-4188.